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Headache Racks
Headache Racks - Backrack Headache Racks

BACKRACK Headache Racks

Headache Racks are BACKRACK's Only Business
Twenty years ago BACKRACK made their first headache rack. Since then BACKRACK has seen competitors come and go trying to copy their design. While they might add a one size fits all product to complete their product line, they can’t match BACKRACK's attention to detail that results in a custom fit, no drill application tailored to fit your truck. BACKRACK is their only product and all of their energy is focused on offering you the best product possible.

Drilling holes into the sheet metal of your new truck is against the male code of ethics. Like applying suntan lotion on another guys back…it’s just wrong. It also costs you big money at the end of a lease so BACKRACK designs their install kits with clever bolts that don’t require drilling. If however your truck doesn’t have stake pockets you'll have to break the code.

Trucks come in different widths. Cabs come in different heights. One rack to fit all trucks might be convenient for the manufacturer but won’t look so good on your truck. BACKRACK competitors try to take the easy way out by making a one size fits all deal at the expense of your trucks good looks. BACKRACK however have taken the time to design their headache racks for each and every truck. "One size fits all" is another way of saying "let’s drill some holes in your truck".

Twenty years later the same man still owns the company and still gets dirty in the shop on occasion. When a business owner is involved in the day to day operations of a business, he is personally invested. The result is a quality product created by caring employees. Although BACKRACK's manufacturing processes are modern, their commitment to quality is old school.

Headache Racks - Tough Country Headache Racks

Tough Country Headache Racks

Tough Country Headache Racks are capable of handling any job. Their massive frames are the largest on the market giving the truck a very beefy look. Tough Country Headache Racks are available in 3 models; the Louvered headache rack, the Industrial Headache rack and the Heavy Duty headache rack. The primary purpose of Tough Country Headache Racks is to protect the cab and back glass of the truck when hauling cargo in the bed. It is also a handy product if you want to add extra lights to your bed for working or backing up. With the addition of the full rails the headache rack offers many tie down points when transporting a load.

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Truck Headache Racks

Truck headache racks can be installed onto the rear window of trucks as an add-on for the security of the driver, passengers, and cargo. Louvered Headache racks have proved helpful against the heat of the sun getting through the truck’s cab, and make the truck feel cooler since it serves much like a sunshade. Headache racks are just as useful for securing cargoe on board to protect the rear window from damage or breakage that may be caused by the cargo shifting in transit.
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